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Climate Emergency Action Plan: in depth

Vancouver has a long history of supporting climate action, from the Clouds of Change reports in 1990 to the Community Climate Change Action Plan in 2005, the Greenest City Action Plan in 2011 (7.5 MB) and 2015 (14 MB), to the Renewable City Strategy in 2015 (4 MB), the Renewable City Action Plan in 2017 (1.3 MB), to the current Climate Emergency Action Plan.

See below for the most current documents associated with this plan, to get news on our progress, and to join us on social media.

Initiatives that are helping us reach our goal and targets

Zero emissions buildings

We are working to have no GHG emissions from all new buildings by 2030. Learn how we’ll get there. Review policies, code requirements, and more.

Neighbourhood Energy Strategy

The Neighbourhood Energy Strategy will help develop additional neighbourhood energy systems throughout Vancouver.

Transportation 2040 Plan

Our plan provides a vision for how people and goods move in and around Vancouver for the next 30 years.

Electric vehicles

Find where you can charge your electric vehicle and learn how we're supporting people and businesses in Vancouver to use electric vehicles.

Public Realm Electrification Program

The Public Realm Electrification Program provides power for multiple curbside uses to help transition to renewable clean sources of energy.

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