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What's new

Fall leaf collection

Got leaves? Please put leaves from your yard, sidewalk, or catch basin in your Green Bin for collection.

Leaves that don’t fit in your Green Bin will be collected November 16 and 17.


Submit your Empty Homes Tax declaration

Submit your 2019 Empty Homes Tax declaration by February 4. Failure to declare by the deadline will result in a penalty and your property being deemed vacant and subject to the tax.

Get tickets:VanDusen Festival of Lights

Visit for the experience, stay for the photo ops! 

Enjoy a magical winter wonderland at VanDusen Festival of Lights from November 30 to January 5, closed December 25.

Buy tickets now.

Building a city we love

Dive into the story of Vancouver’s garbage cans. We have over 3,000 waste bins in the city. Find out what goes into making them.

Adopt a catch basin

Volunteer to adopt a catch basin. Help keep your neighbourhood a vibrant, safe, and healthy space. 

Keeping a catch basin clear protects property from flooding and protects our water quality.