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What's new

Save $50 on a 12-month Flexipass

Fit for life Flexipass promotion: Until October 22, you can get a $50 discount on a 12-month Flexipass.

The pass can be used at our fitness centres, pools, rinks, drop-in programs, and more.

Share accessibility barriers

We want to hear from anyone in Vancouver who:

  • Experiences a barrier
  • Witnesses someone experiencing a barrier

Your feedback will help us understand the barriers people face to remove them.

Missing middle housing

As Vancouver grows and evolves, we need to make sure that there are housing options that meet the needs of the diverse households that live and work here, including "missing middle" housing. 

Join a civic agency

Help shape Vancouver's future. Apply now for a volunteer position within one of our civic agencies.

Application deadline: October 8, 2023.

Short-term rentals business licence

If you operate a short-term rental from your home, make sure you have your 2023 business licence and include it in all listing and advertisements.