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What's new

Submit a book for the 2023 Book Award

The book may be published in 2022 and explore any aspects of Vancouver such as its history, geography, diverse communities, current affairs, or the arts.

Submission deadline: April 14 at 4pm


Development Potential Relief Program

Make your declaration by March 31, 2023. 

Declaration forms are currently being sent out to eligible property owners in the mail.

Battery fire prevention

Take care when using rechargeable batteries. In some cases, they can cause a fire or explosion.

Learn how to use and dispose of batteries safely and what to do if you see a problem.

Coexisting with coyotes

Jan to June is coyote breeding season. Coyotes might be more active and assertive during this time, especially near their dens.

Learn how to coexist with coyotes and report coyote sightings.

Granville Bridge Connector upgrades

Granville Bridge transportation upgrades begin next week.

We are:

  • Installing new pedestrian and cyclist connections
  • Replacing the north Granville loops to create a standard street grid layout