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What's new

It’s Empty Homes Tax time again!

Every owner of residential property in Vancouver must submit a 2018 declaration by February 4, 2019, even if the property is their principal residence.

Stay safe on the roads

Now that days are getting darker and wetter, it becomes more difficult to see one another on the road.

Get tips on how to stay safe and be seen when walking, cycling, or driving.

Fall leaf collection

Got leaves? Please put leaves from your yard, sidewalk, or catch basin in your Green Bin for collection.

Leaves that don’t fit in your Green Bin will be collected November 17 and 18.

Adopt a catch basin

Volunteer to adopt a catch basin. Help keep your neighbourhood a vibrant, safe, and healthy space. 

Keeping a catch basin clear protects property from flooding and protects our water quality.


Canada Post disruption

A Canada Post service disruption may delay mail delivery.

Consider other options: pay online or phone 3-1-1.