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What's new

Get ready for new cup and bag by-laws

New cup and shopping bag by-laws start January 1:

  • A fee for disposable cups
  • Ban on plastic and compostable plastic shopping bags
  • Fees for paper and new reusable shopping bags

Day of Persons with Disabilities

A day to promote a better understanding of disability-related issues, the rights of persons with disabilities, and their integration in every aspect of their communities.

Snow and ice removal

Clear snow and ice from sidewalks around your property by 10am every day or it may result in fines.

If you are unable to clear the snow, ask a neighbour for help or request a Snow Angel. 

Clearing leaves from city streets

We are now clearing leaves from city streets.

If temporary "no stopping" signs are posted on your side of the street, please move your vehicle before 7am on the date marked on the sign.

Declare Empty Homes Tax by Feb 2

Submit your 2021 Empty Homes Tax declaration by February 2, 2022.

All residential property owners are required to declare each year, even if you live in your home or rent it out.