Creekside Community Centre

Facilities and schedules

Discover Vancouver Park Board facilities in your community. From indoor pools to outdoor golf courses, fitness centres to skateboard parks, there is something for you.

Community centres

Community centres

We operate 24 community centres around the city. Find out where they are and what programs and services they offer.

Fitness centres

Fitness centres

Find information about our 25 fitness centres; their services, amenities, equipment, costs, location, and more.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools

Find information about our nine indoor and five outdoor seasonal pools; their locations, features, and amenities.


Ice rinks

Find information about our eight indoor ice rinks. We have year-round ice rinks and in the summer some have dry floor activities.

Golf courses

Golf courses, pitch and putts, and driving ranges

Find information about our golf facilities: golf courses, pitch & putts, and driving ranges. Book tee times at our golf courses.

Fields, courts, and diamonds

Fields, courts, and diamonds

For regular, consistent use of Vancouver’s fields and outdoor facilities, or for league use and tournaments, you must reserve the facility and get a permit. Learn more.

Other facilities

Burrard Civic Marina

Marinas and amenities

Find information on Park Board marinas in Vancouver and learn about the services they provide for both long and short-term boaters.

restaurants and snackbars serve a variety of food in parks and recreation facilities in Vancouver

Restaurants, snack bars and food trucks

Looking for a great place to eat in Vancouver parks and facilities? Find information about restaurants, snack bars, and food trucks at community centres, in parks, and other facilities in Vancouver.

Skateboard Parks in Vancouver

Skateboard parks

The Park Board operates several skate parks – find information about the city’s skateboard parks and learn how to reserve a skateboard park.

Prince Edward spray park

Water parks and wading pools

Find water parks and wading pools in Vancouver – the perfect way to cool down in the city on a hot summer day.