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We are the only municipality in Canada with an elected park board, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.  

The Park Board operates:

  • 250 parks 
  • Destination gardens
  • 24 community centres with swimming pools, arenas, and playing fields
  • Three championship golf courses

Stanley Park, 404-hectares (1,000 acres), is considered one of the top urban parks in the world with ancient cedars, wildlife, rainforest ecology, vibrant art and attractions, and a seawall path used by millions of walkers and cyclists a year.

Vancouver's parks, recreation, and cultural assets are prized by Vancouverites and visitors as some of the finest in the world. Please help us protect and preserve them for future generations.


Facilities and schedules

Find fields, courts, golf courses, ice rinks, fitness centres, pools, water parks, marinas, and community centres.

Register for recreational lessons and classes

Register for recreation and leisure programs, classes, and lessons offered at our recreation facilities.

Parks, gardens, and beaches

Visit one of the stunning parks, gardens, and beaches in Vancouver.

Partnerships and business opportunities

Support our mission to provide parks and recreation that benefit both people and the environment through partnerships and business opportunities.

Plan and book an event in a park

Find out what you need to plan and book an event in Vancouver parks and facilities.

Passes, discounts, and gift cards

Learn how you can save money on Park Board programs and services with fitness passes, group rates, low-income discounts, and gift cards.

Recreational activities

Take a look at the types of recreational activities we offer in Vancouver, from swimming to pottery.

Nature, environment, and sustainability

Strategies guiding us in enhancing and taking care of essential natural places across the city.

Improving parks and recreation

We are continually working to improve parks, trails, and recreation facilities. Explore our ongoing projects.

Report park issues

Tell us about park-related issues including garbage, noise, maintenance, animals, and more using Van311.

Contact Parks

Do you have a question or comment regarding any Parks service, site, or facility? Tell us about it now using our online form.

Contact Recreation

Do you have a question or comment regarding any Recreation service, site, or facility? Tell us about it now using our online form.

Vancouver Park Board

The Vancouver Park Board provides, preserves, and advocates for parks and recreation services.

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