Houses on residential block in Vancouver, BC

Home, property, and development

Like many residents, your experience of the City may start with your home and property, and expand to the environment surrounding it.

From taxes and utilities to permits and licences, the City's services ensure:

  • Your home and community are safe
  • Neighbourhoods are sustainable, liveable, and accessible
  • A good quality of life is enjoyed by all Vancouver residents

Waste and recycling

Learn about our garbage and green bin collection services, recycling and disposal facilities, and ordering supplies.


Learn more about property tax, the Empty Homes Tax (Vacancy Tax), and ways to pay your taxes.

Building and renovating

Get building permits and guidelines to keep your building and renovation projects up to code and on track.

Water, sewer, and energy

Learn about our water, sewer, and energy goals: to provide safe drinking water, conserve water, protect waterways, and more.

Animals, trees, gardens, and lawns

Learn more about licenses, regulations, and resources for pets, backyard chickens, and urban wildlife.

Property use, noise, and graffiti

Learn about property use, noise, graffiti, and what you can do if you have concerns, and who can help.

Public safety

See how the City of Vancouver is working with citizens and businesses to keep our city safe.

Urban planning, zoning, and development

We considers the implications of a wide range of social, economic, physical, and environment issues on the liveability of Vancouver.

Utility and landfill bills

Find information about utility bills and transfer and landfill bills - how and when you will be billed, and how to pay your bill.