Property use, noise, and graffiti

Graffiti covered wall in rough urban area

A person's quality of life can be undermined by noisy neighbours, unsightly graffiti, messy properties, unregulated businesses, and similar problems.

The City is committed to helping citizens enjoy a good quality of life by regulating and enforcing property use, noise, and graffiti issues.

Property use and maintenance

Property use and maintenance: view related regulations and bylaws, helpful resources, and contact information if you have concerns.

Manage graffiti

Find out how to manage graffiti, including removing it now and preventing it in the future.

Manage noise

Noise is part of urban life, but too much noise is a problem. Learn the rules, what you can do on your own, and who can help.

Bothered by high weeds, cars on the lawn, or an illegal business?

Find out how to get help with a property use or maintenance concern - the process, the timeline, and more.

Private property concern