Person walking a dog on the seawall in Vancouver near Cardero park

Animals, trees, gardens, and lawns

Part of what makes Vancouver such a liveable city is the range of animals, plants, and trees that thrive here.

The City plays a role in fostering, maintaining, and controlling the animals, trees, gardens, and wildlife in Vancouver.


Find information on the responsibilities of pet owners in Vancouver, including licensing, adoption, regulations, and fines.

Backyard chickens

Backyard chickens in Vancouver: view the regulations and guidelines, find contact information, and more.

Pests and wildlife

Learn about the different types of pests and wildlife you might encounter in Vancouver, and what you can do about them.

Donate and volunteer

Find out how you can help Vancouver Animal Services take care of pets waiting for adoption.

Animal welfare grants

Financial aid to registered non-profits that assist with the sheltering and caring of animals and other related services.


The City maintains trees that line Vancouver’s streets and trees in parks. Request tree pruning, planting, removal, and pest control.

Gardens and lawns

Learn about home garden management and opportunities for gardening in boulevards and roundabouts.