Husky pressing paws against a person's hands

Animal welfare grants

Applications for the 2022 Animal Welfare Grants are closed. Proposed recipients will be presented to Council in spring 2022.

The animal welfare grant provides financial aid to registered non-profit societies that assist us with:

  • The sheltering and caring of animals
  • Other related services

Who is eligible for the grant

You must be a registered non-profit society that both helps the Vancouver Animal Shelter and extends your services to the general public.

Apply for the grant

  • You can apply to receive funding each year by completing the application form and mailing it to us. 
  • Applications for the 2022 grants are now closed. Application forms for the 2023 grants will be available online in fall 2022. 
  • We will present a list of proposed 2022 grant recipients to Council in spring 2022 for their approval.