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Earthquakes and other natural disasters can happen without warning. You and your family can stay safe during these emergencies, with help from the City.

Your responsibility

Prepare an emergency plan, so every member of your family understands what to do if there is an earthquake or other disaster.

You will need enough supplies to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours following a major emergency as City services will be affected.

Prepare an emergency kit with supplies available (including food, water, and extra clothing). This kit will be beneficial if you have to leave your home, or survive in your home without water or electricity for several days.

Disaster support hubs

Locate the closest hubs where you can gather after an earthquake or other natural disaster to share information and resources.

Free emergency preparedness workshops

Prepare for, respond to, and recover from earthquakes, tsunamis, heat waves, and other disasters in our free workshops.

Personal and family emergency preparedness

Get all of the help and advice you need to survive a major earthquake or other disaster in Vancouver.

When to evacuate or take shelter in a building

In an emergency, you may need to evacuate your home or stay where you are and shelter-in-place. Review how to do this.

Know the disaster response routes

Stay off any disaster response routes during an earthquake or other emergency.

Resilient Neighbourhoods Program

We are empowering residents and businesses to respond to unique challenges faced by their communities.

Business emergency preparedness

Planning for business interruptions, emergencies, and disasters is a crucial aspect of running a business.

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