Emergency preparedness education

Preparedness checklist

Download our Get started: Emergency preparedness and planning worksheet (208 KB) to use while you watch our 20-minute video or attend a workshop.

Use our worksheet to fill in the blanks, make your own notes, and check off your first accomplishments.

There are small steps you can take that will help you become more emergency prepared. 

Improve your readiness by learning about:

  • What to include in an emergency plan
  • What supplies to gather
  • Where to get information
  • How to prepare together with your neighbours

Emergency preparedness in 20 minutes

Our popular workshop is now available as a video, with closed captions. Watch to learn about the steps of emergency preparedness in 20 minutes.

Emergency preparedness workshops

Sign up for a free, virtual emergency preparedness workshop offered by the City of Vancouver. 

You can find our workshops through community centres on ActiveNet and through the Vancouver Public Library. Check out both links for a date and time that works for you.

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