Prepare your business for disasters and emergencies

Planning for business interruptions, emergencies, and disasters is a crucial aspect of running a business.

A plan can help you and your employees:

  • Respond and stay safe during an emergency
  • Avoid or minimize downtime in the event of a disaster or emergency
  • Recover full operations quickly

Business continuity plan

The ability to respond quickly to disruptive incidents is important. Having a business continuity plan could make the difference in the long-term to the survival of your organization.

A business continuity plan should include:

  • A business impact assessment
  • Steps to reduce exposure to identified risks and hazards that could cause business closure
  • Mitigation guidelines
  • Recovery plans

How to create a business continuity plan

Every business has unique characteristics, such as customers, supply chains, products, services, and  physical assets that must be addressed in their plan. Follow these steps to prepare your business or organization. 

Cover of BEEP plan says: My BEEP Plan - Start small, think big, prep your biz.Start your plan with these BEEP guides

Use these Business and Employer Emergency Preparedness (BEEP) guides to to prepare your business or organization to continue business operation and recover quickly after a disaster.