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March 6 - Collection update

Weekly green bin service resumes the week of March 6. Check your schedule by downloading the VanCollect app or entering your address below. 

Set out your bins on your scheduled collection day and leave them out until they are collected.


We are in the process of renewing our fleet of aging collection vehicles, however, delivery of new vehicles is delayed due to supply chain and manufacturing challenges. As a result, we have fewer working vehicles. We will be working extended hours and Saturdays to maintain service levels. Thank you for your patience.


Enter your address below to get your pick-up schedule.

You can also sign up for reminders by email, text message, voicemail, or tweet, and even import your schedule into your online calendar. Never miss a collection day again!


Print your collection schedule

  1. Search for your address above
  2. Click "Get a calendar"
  3. Click "Print a calendar"

You can also download a PDF of the collection calendar:

Pick up in person

Due to COVID-19, in-person pick up is not available at this time.

Download the VanCollect app for smartphones

Use your mobile phone to view schedules, receive reminders, and get sorting tips for your garbage, recycling, and green waste. For iPhone and Android smartphones.

Report a missed collection

Report a missed collection, and get common reasons for missed collections and tips to help us collect your garbage and green bin.