Illegal dumping on City property

Deliberately abandoned or dumped waste on public or private property is considered illegal dumping.

Illegal dumping is harmful to the environment, costs taxpayers over a million dollars each year, and sends a message that illegal activity is tolerated in our neighbourhoods. 

All residents and businesses are responsible for properly disposing of their waste.

Report illegal dumping

How City staff handle complaints about illegally dumped garbage depends on whether the dumping was witnessed or not.  

Help us keep your neighbourhood clean and safe by properly reporting all incidents of abandoned garbage or witnessed illegal dumping.

Report witnessed illegal dumping or abandoned waste

Illegal dumping on private property

Phone the Vancouver Police Department's non-emergency line: 604-717-3321.

We are taking steps to prevent illegal dumping. Offenders can be fined between $100 to $10,000 under the Street and Traffic Bylaw.

Reporting and prevention tips

Complaint process

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