Apply for a new alarm permit

Is this permit for an existing security alarm system?

If you already have a security alarm system but you do not have a permit, you will have to pay for your permit at the end of the application process.

Is this permit for a new security alarm system?

If your security alarm system has been newly installed, your alarm company may have either included the permit fee in your installation fee, or collected a separate payment from you. If the alarm company gave you a permit number, you will not have to pay at the end of the application process.

Security alarm permits for laneway houses

If your laneway house and main house share the same security alarm system and address, you only need one security alarm permit.

Permit fees

Permit type Fee per year
Residential $17.55
Small business or commercial
Less than 140 m² (1,507 ft²) of floor area protected by a security alarm system
Large business or commercial
140 m² (1,507 ft²) or greater of floor area protected by a security alarm system

 Permit fees are non-refundable.

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