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False security alarms

A false security alarm is when an alarm is set off unnecessarily due to alarm testing, mechanical failure, or human error.

Do you regularly have false alarms?

Contact your alarm company if your alarm is monitored and ensure that your keyholder reference list is up-to-date and entered on their database

Have your system inspected once a year – worn out batteries and loose and/or weathered contact switches are common problems that cause system failure

How we handle false alarms

Two false alarms in a 12-month period

We will send you a warning letter to solve the false alarms.

By preventing additional false alarms within the same period, you can avoid having your permit suspended.

Note You don't need to respond to a warning letter.

Three or more false alarms in a 12-month period

We will send you a suspension letter to say that your permit was suspended and this may affect a police response to future alarm calls.

Reinstate your alarm permit for a fee

Regulations on false alarms

Security Alarm System Bylaw #7111  (58 KB)

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