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Building a new house or doing a renovation? Find out when to request an inspection  (1.4 MB)

Have you been told or recommended that you need a special inspection? Review the steps to getting a special inspection

Looking for your construction or sidewalk damage deposit? Search unclaimed damage deposits

Moving soil, green waste, or plant materials? Contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to get a Movement Certificate before moving soil, green waste, or plant materials outside of a regulated area to prevent the spread of the Japanese beetle. Learn more and find out how to contact the CFIA

Inspections ensure that construction and trades work:

  • Matches the work described under the permit
  • Complies with the relevant bylaws
  • Meets safety, accessibility, and green building goals

Because of the complexity of modern buildings and technologies, several inspections at different stages of construction are often required.

Types of inspections

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