Concerns about construction work

Is it an emergency concern? Who to call
  • Possible danger to someone or a property (example: high winds blowing away construction materials)
  • Dangerous electrical conditions
BC Hydro
  • Dangerous plumbing, fire sprinkler, or sewer conditions 
Private plumbing contractor 
Is it a non-emergency concern? Who to call
  • No permits for construction that is in progress or completed
  • Messy construction sites 
  • Unsafe construction or building conditions
  • Hazardous materials coming from a demolished building
Is it urgent?
Phone 3-1-1

If not, report it online.
  • Construction messes in streets and lanes
  • Blocked streets and sidewalks
Phone 3-1-1 

Tell us about your construction concern

You may report the following concerns anonymously:

  • Unsafe construction or building conditions
  • No permits for construction that is in progress or completed

Check to see if a permit or application is in place for a property

Find a permit or application by address, number, or date.

Search for a permit or application

Construction noise

We are working hard to balance Vancouver's positive growth and related construction activity with everyone's need for a comfortable and liveable environment.

Find out the construction hours

Everyone deserves a safe workplace

If you have concerns about unsafe conditions on a construction site that affect worker health and safety, tell WorkSafe BC.

Contact WorkSafe BC