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Pay your Vacancy Tax (Empty Homes Tax) by-law notice

  1.  Within 14 days
    50% discount
  2.  Within 35 days
    100% fine
  3.  After 35 days
    100% fine + penalty
  4. ! After 60 days
    Sent to collection agency


 WARNING: After 60 days your ticket will be sent to a collection agency, which may affect your credit rating.

Pay online

Pay your notice online with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Pay your notice now

Other ways to pay

Returned or NSF payments

Non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee: $35.00 per cheque returned by the bank or credit card chargeback

No discounts are available to by-law notices with previous payments that have been returned by your bank because of NSF cheques or credit card chargebacks. The full notice amount is due, plus the NSF fee.

If you receive a notice for a paid by-law notice

If you have paid your by-law notice but receive a notice:

  • Your payment may have been applied to another by-law notice in error
  • You may have paid the discounted amount after the 14-day deadline

When your by-law notice may be cancelled

Your notice may be cancelled if:

  • The notice was issued to the wrong Vacancy Tax account.
  • A duplicate notice was inadvertently issued for the same incident.
  • We made an error in recording the receipt of your declaration.
  • A declaration was not required for your property.