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The City and Park Board have a diverse range of volunteer opportunities to fit your goals, skills, and schedule.

Volunteering is a rewarding way to:

  • Share your skills to improve your community
  • Meet new people who share your interests
  • Gain experience or learn new skills you can use in a job or other areas of your life

Read on for a list of volunteer opportunities with the City and Park Board.

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Neighbourhood enhancement

Volunteer as a Snow Angel

Help seniors and people with limited mobility clear their sidewalks after a snowfall.

Adopt a catch basin

Help prevent flooding in your neighbourhood, adopt a catch basin to care for.

Green Streets Program

Beautify traffic calming areas in your neighbourhood as a volunteer gardener.

Neighbourhood cleanup programs

Volunteer with our neighbourhood cleanup programs and help keep our city clean and contribute to Vancouver’s zero waste goals.

Manage graffiti

Get support to quickly wipe-out graffiti or create a mural in a place regularly targetted by vandalism.

Seeding Stewardship Program

Form a stewardship group that supports nature-based solutions such as rain gardens and wildflower meadows.

Public safety and emergency preparedness

Emergency communications - VECTOR

A team of amateur radio operators who train to help with backup communications during emergencies.

Emergency Support Services

Volunteer to help Emergency Support Services during an emergency or disaster in Vancouver.

Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team

Take intensive training and volunteer with the Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team (NEAT) to support first responders during disasters.

Vancouver Police Department

Assist in crime prevention through Block Watch, Speed Watch, and Community Policing initiatives.

Community and civic contribution

Apply for a civic agency

Apply your expertise and personal passion to help shape policy and advise on city issues.

Animal Services

Find out how you can help Vancouver Animal Services take care of pets waiting for adoption.

Community Centre volunteers

Volunteer with Vancouver Community Centres and their Associations.

Work for the City

Help make Vancouver one of the most liveable cities in the world.

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More volunteer resources

Find more volunteer opportunities and information on these websites.