The Green Streets Program: Volunteer gardening on traffic calming spaces

Green Streets gardens are planted on traffic circles and corner bulges.

We pay for the initial planting. As a volunteer gardener, you will work with us and your community to help the gardens grow during the year.

You can simply weed and water, or choose to add your own personal touch by adding your favourite plants, providing more colour and interest through the changing seasons.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to share your garden with the Green Streets community.

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Green Streets Program
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320-507 West Broadway
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Street gardens looking for volunteers

A green Green Streets sign means a garden is available to tend          

If you're interested in tending a street garden, look for a sign in the garden. The sign will indicate whether the garden is available to tend, or if it's already being cared for.

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Benefits of volunteer gardening

Volunteer gardeners gain a greater sense of community, make new friends, and experience the joy of seeing a job well done.

In addition to sharing knowledge with one another, volunteer gardeners with the Green Streets program receive:

  • Free compost in spring and fall
  • Advance notification of any plant giveaways
  • A subscription to the Green Streets newsletter
  • An invitation to the autumn Green Streets Garden Party, where the City celebrates the achievements of Green Streets volunteers
  • Access to the expertise of mentor gardeners with the Master Gardeners Association of BC

Planting a Green Streets garden

Most Green Streets gardens come planted by the City with drought-tolerant and some evergreen plants for year-round interest. Garden design support is also available to Green Streets gardeners.

Help to create and maintain green spaces in Vancouver

Book exchange on traffic calmed garden in East Vancouver

Gardening guidelines

Learn our guidelines for gardening in Vancouver's boulevards, traffic circles, and street-corner bulges.

Garden safely on City streets

Safe gardening on streets

Gardens on City streets are close to vehicle traffic. You can keep yourself safe while gardening if you remember these tips.

Traffic garden on curb bulge

Recommended plant list

Ensure plants used in street gardens will provide visual enjoyment all year long. View the list of shrubs and plants that fluorish well in Vancouver, and meet Green Streets height requirements.

Report vegetation issues

Report plants that need maintenance on city streets, including traffic circles, medians, islands, and corner bulges.

Traffic calming in Vancouver

Traffic circles are used to reduce vehicle speed, and collisions.

Traffic calming and safety

Find out how the City of Vancouver uses traffic calming measures to keep the roads safe, and learn tips for safe driving.

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