Sidewalk showing a well taken care of boulevard

Gardening on boulevards

Installing a boulevard garden?

Ensure your garden meets clearance and measurements requirements.

Read our boulevard gardening guidelines

We encourage residents, property owners, and business operators to take care of and maintain the City boulevard next to their property. Maintenance includes:

  • Cutting the grass
  • Trimming hedges and shrubs
  • Keeping clear of weeds and litter

Although most boulevards are grass, there are other landscaping and gardening possibilities that are allowed in residential neighbourhoods.

Multi-family dwellings in residential neighbourhoods are also allowed to garden.

We do not permit installation of:

  • Artificial turf on City property, as it does not have fully permeable characteristics
  • Sprinklers in boulevards. Home owners are responsible for any costs associated with unpermitted sprinklers in boulevards.

Help to create and maintain green spaces in Vancouver

Green Streets garden care tips

Check out our tips for creating a safe, healthy, and visually pleasing street garden.

Safe gardening on streets

Gardens on City streets are close to vehicle traffic. You can keep yourself safe while gardening if you remember these tips.

Recommended plant list

Ensure plants used in street gardens will provide visual enjoyment all year long. View the list of shrubs and plants that fluorish well in Vancouver, and meet Green Streets height requirements.

Report boulevard maintenance issues

Report boulevard maintenance issues such as damage and pests. You are responsible for taking care of the boulevard next to the property you own.