Conserve water - use a rain barrel

Rain barrels collect rainwater to use when you water your lawn and garden

Make rain a resource! Rain water collection is a brilliant way to give your lawn and garden chlorine-free liquid sunshine. A rain barrel allows you to store rain, and use it as needed to take care of your lawn, helping keep a useful resource from running down the storm drain.

How a rain barrel works

Rain water that falls on your roof is directed to a downspout normally connected to a storm water drain. A rain barrel intercepts this water and collects it, creating a reserve that can be used on your lawn or garden and reducing your demand on treated drinking water.

Rain water is chlorine-free and ambient temperature, so plants like it too. 

What to look for when selecting a rain barrel

  • Overflow to storm drain
  • Childproof opening
  • Garden hose connection
  • Faucet (for filling watering cans)
  • Screen (to keep debris out)

 Important: Rainwater is not for human consumption. Collected rainwater is suitable for plants and grass only.

Be water wise

Discover other ways you can conserve water, such as buying a water saving kit, and following lawn sprinkling regulations.

Facts for a rainy day

The average Vancouverite uses more than 320 L of water per day in their home. In the summer, water use can double, largely due to lawn care!

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