Children gathering mulch and putting it in a bucket

Seeding Stewardship Program

What you need to know

Seeding stewardship offers community members the opportunities to take care of nature-based solutions

This year, we have 7 sites looking for leaders and urban nature lovers to support them.

What are nature-based solutions? 

Every Vancouver neighbourhood features nature-based solutions, including wildflower meadows and rain gardens.

These spaces:

  • Bring nature into the city 
  • Clean and manage rainwater
  • Cool the urban environment
  • Mitigate climate change 
  • Encourage biodiversity 
  • Make the city more livable

We're launching a new program to help you start stewardship groups dedicated to nature-based solutions. 

You can receive support to create community opportunities that: 

  • Build connection through education and stewardship
  • Promote biodiversity and healthy habitats 
  • Support healthy water
  • Enhance climate resilience

How to get involved

Parks and public spaces for stewardship opportunities

Learn more about nature-based solutions 

Green rainwater infrastructure

Learn how green rainwater infrastructure promotes sustainable rainwater management to enhance our city’s resilience to climate change.

Pollinator meadows

Visit a pollinator meadow, a naturalized meadow through mowing reduction in parks.

Related programs

Green Streets Program

Beautify traffic calming areas in your neighbourhood as a volunteer gardener.

Adopt a catch basin

Help prevent flooding in your neighbourhood, adopt a catch basin to care for.

Neighbourhood Cleanup Party

Host a one-time cleanup party and we will lend you supplies to get you started!