People in a park meadow with trees around them

Pollinator meadows

Creating naturalized pollinator meadows on park managed lands.

Bee on flower​​​​​​​

What are pollinator meadows?

Pollinator meadows are intentionally naturally managed areas in designated parks and on park-managed golf courses and boulevards.

The meadows will produce a variety of blooms from common dandelions to native lupines to attract pollinator bees, butterflies, and birds and will be open for park users to explore and enjoy.

Bees, birds, and butterflies 

Pollinator meadows have multiple benefits, including:

  • Improved habitat for beneficial species including bees, birds, and butterflies 
  • Cooler moist soil for trees
  • Exciting areas for park-users to explore
  • Less carbon emissions during maintenance

When meadows bloom

The meadows grasses and flowers will grow longer in late spring and throughout the summer. The blooms will change through the seasons, and the areas will be maintained regularly. 

Meadow locations

You can enjoy the wonders of a naturalized meadow by visiting one this summer.