Fire safety in parks

While many of us enjoy a warm, dry summer, this weather increases the fire hazard in our parks. 

Residents and visitors play an important role in fire prevention and detection. Here are some tips for keeping our parks fire safe in any season:

  • Propane barbecues are permitted as long as they are 75 centimetres (29.5 inches) off the ground
  • Use designated picnic sites where you can place your barbecue on a picnic table
  • Look for fire hazard signs in Stanley Park, Jericho Beach Park and Everett Crowley Park; watch for increases in fire hazard ratings and obey any posted notices
  • When fire hazard ratings are extreme, stay on trails and do not use charcoal or wood burning barbecues, even at designated picnic sites
  • Do not park on or right next to dry grass
  • If you spot a fire, smell or see smoke, immediately call 9-1-1 and report your location

Prohibited activities

The following activities are prohibited in our parks and beaches:

  • Smoking
  • Campfires

Fire preparedness

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, Metro Vancouver, and the Vancouver Park Board work together in a coordinated approach to protect Vancouver's urban forest, especially heavily treed parks, through fire prevention, suppression, and preparation.

With special equipment and protocols, comprehensive staff training, inter-agency developed plans, improved communications, and a variety of public education tools, we hope to ensure that our parks stay open and safe for the public.

Park Rangers

Learn more about what our Park Rangers can assist you with in our parks and public spaces.