Park Board Smoking Regulation Bylaw

To promote the care and protection of health of people in parks, the Park Board Smoking Regulation Bylaw prohibits smoking in Vancouver parks and park areas, including:

  • On park land
  • On seawalls and beaches
  • In buildings in parks, except caretaker residences
  • In customer service areas in parks
  • In vehicles for hire in parks
  • On public transit in parks
  • In shelters in parks where people wait to board vehicles for hire or public transit


The bylaw is the result of research, public feedback, and the Park Board's commitment to the promotion of a healthy urban environment and support for active living and wellness; it also addresses issues of fire safety and littering. 

Regulation Areas and Boundaries

Below are further examples of park areas not listed above that are included in the ban:

  • Sport fields, courts, ball diamonds
  • Playgrounds
  • Pathways and trails
  • Public golf courses, including clubhouses and patios
  • Park restaurants and patios
  • Parking lots within park boundaries
  • In personal vehicles within park boundaries
  • Foreshore areas, the shallow water along the shore


The Park Board's primary goal is voluntary compliance with the smoke-free bylaw through education, but sometimes enforcement is necessary. Park Rangers, City of Vancouver bylaw enforcement officers and Health Inspectors all have the power to issue tickets to offenders.

The minimum fine for smoking in a park or other regulated outdoor space is $250.

If you see individuals smoking within park boundaries, you can:

  • inform them politely that a Vancouver bylaw prohibits smoking in public parks
  • report the issue to our Park Rangers 

Report smoking in parks