Vancouver's most referenced bylaws

Here are the City of Vancouver bylaws that people request the most.

For convenience, the most frequently used bylaws have been consolidated. In a consolidated bylaw, the original bylaw (or "parent" bylaw) is updated to include all of the amendments to that bylaw.

The electronic copies of the bylaws are not the Official Copies. If you need an official copy of a bylaw, please contact the City Clerk's Office.

Vancouver's most referenced bylaws

Animal Control Bylaw

Establishes a pound, licenses dogs, and regulates dogs and other animals in the City of Vancouver.

Fire Bylaw

Summary of the City of Vancouver Fire Bylaw 12472. This bylaw contains the regulations actively enforced by Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services.

Graffiti Bylaw

The graffiti bylaw requires property owners to have graffiti removed within 10 days of being served a notice from the City. Graffiti is considered vandalism under the law when it is painted on private or public property without permission, with a minimum fine of $500.

Health Bylaw

Provides for the care, promotion, and protection of the health of City of Vancouver inhabitants.

Heritage Bylaws

Describes the requirements for protecting, altering, maintaining, inspecting and conducting impact assessments for heritage properties, sites, landscapes, and more. The sites that were legally protected between 1974 and 2003 are included as schedules to the Heritage Bylaw. A separate list of heritage designation bylaws enacted since 2003 is also included for information purposes.

Licence Bylaw

Provides for the issuing of licences and regulation of business, trade, professions, and other occupations with the City of Vancouver

Noise Control Bylaw

Regulates noise: construction, garbage/recycling trucks, carpet cleaning trucks, leaf blowers, animals, people, and more.

Official development plan by-laws

Official development plans are development plans that Council has adopted by by-law.

Park Board Smoking Regulation Bylaw

Regulates smoking in Vancouver parks for the care, promotion, and protection of the health of people in parks.

Park Board Ticketing Bylaw

Describes the regulation of Park Board offences that are subject to tickets, including the fines for those offences.

Parking Bylaw

Regulates the number and design of parking, loading, bicycle parking, and passenger spaces that are to be provided in association with development on a site.

Parks Control Bylaw

Controls, regulates, protects, and governs public parks and places within the Vancouver Park Board jurisdiction.

Protection of Trees Bylaw

Preserves, protects, and strengthens our urban forest, while permitting property owners to remove trees for property maintenance and development.

Sign Bylaw

Regulates the number, type, form, appearance, and location of signs according to zoning districts and uses within a district.

Standards of Maintenance Bylaw

Prescribes standards for the maintenance and occupancy of buildings within the City of Vancouver to ensure that the buildings are free from hazard and are maintained continuously in conformity with accepted health, fire, and building requirements.

Street & Traffic Bylaw

Regulates traffic, the use of streets, and the size and weight of vehicles that are permitted to travel on City of Vancouver streets.

Street Tree Bylaw

Regulates the Vancouver Park Board's care, condition, and management of trees on boulevards and medians of City-owned streets.

Subdivision Bylaw

Regulates dividing or combining properties, minimum property sizes, and more.

Vacancy Tax Bylaw

The Vacancy Tax (Empty Homes Tax) Bylaw describes how much the tax is, who it applies to, exemptions to the tax, penalties, enforcement, and much more.

Vancouver Building By-law

Regulates the design and construction of buildings. Administrative provisions related to permitting, inspections, and enforcement.

Zoning and Development By-law

The Zoning and Development By-law establishes regulations for the development of land in the City of Vancouver.

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