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Budgets and finances

Among the world’s most livable cities, Vancouver is growing rapidly as a vibrant city with a strong economy that attracts global attention.

Our greatest challenge in planning and budgeting for the future is to make the best use of our resources to maintain basic services while responding to the expanding needs of our growing population.

The City must continually balance the need to provide services, facilities, and infrastructure with the need to keep property tax and utility rate increases at a manageable level for businesses and residents.

2019 Budget

In the 2019 Budget, we will include a five-year balanced financial plan to guide our strategic investments and business transformation opportunities while keeping property tax, utility fees, and user fees affordable over the long term.

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2019 Budget Outlook
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2018 Budget
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2018 Budget Highlights
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2018 Budget and Financial Plan

Our annual budget outlines how tax dollars and funding will be invested to help provide the services that you value.

Capital planning

Our capital plan is a four-year financial plan for investments in our city's infrastructure.

Financial reports and information

Quarterly financial reports, annual financial reports, and statements of financial information.

Help us decide where to invest funds in the West End

We’re launching a participatory budgeting process to distribute additional revenue collected through West End permit parking fees. 

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