Draft 2020 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan

The draft 2020 Budget has been prepared to provide City Council with context for the opportunities and challenges in our city, and the option to provide further direction to align our activities and spending with Council’s priorities.

Proposed initiatives

The proposed initiatives in the draft operating budget fall into three categories:

  • Fixed costs 
  • Filling service gaps and addressing risks 
  • Investments to advance Council’s priorities

The draft capital budget includes new 2020 investments in City infrastructure and amenities that were approved as part of the 2019-2022 Capital Plan.  

Council has the opportunity on December 3 to deliberate on the draft budget and to propose changes in each category, considering the balance of maintaining quality core services while also making advancements on the most important issues in our city.

How you can still get involved

There are still a variety of ways you can give feedback on or learn more about the draft 2020 Budget.

Online webinar

If you missed the live, online interactive session on our draft 2020 Budget, you can still watch it now.

Register to speak

Register to speak at the special budget meeting on December 3.

Contact Mayor and Council

Submit questions or comments to Mayor and Council

Read draft budget and highlights

Draft 2020 Budget priorities

The draft 2020 Budget includes City Council’s priorities for alignment of spending for the next year’s budget, both in terms of ongoing work, and for new projects and initiatives in response to Council motions and direction.

The primary priority is to maintain and improve the core services that meet the daily needs of residents.

Four additional priorities will also guide City staff’s development of departmental service plans and budgets.

Deliver quality core services
that meet residents' needs

Address affordability
and the housing crisis

Protect and build
our economy

Increase focus
on diversity and
critical social issues

Accelerate action
on climate change

What we've heard so far

The 2019 Civic Service Satisfaction Survey was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs in May and it asked residents to rate their satisfaction with the City’s services.

This feedback will be used to help direct spending for our next annual budget,#VanBudget2020.

Want to learn more about the budget process? ​Find out how we build the annual budget