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Each bylaw has a title and a number, for example, Noise Bylaw 6555. Each amendment to a bylaw also has a number.

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If you are interested in viewing all the individual amendments for a particular bylaw, search the Individual Bylaws.

Important information about these bylaws

These electronic versions of the City of Vancouver bylaws are for convenience only. If you need an Official Copy of a bylaw, contact the City Clerk's Office.

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Consolidated bylaws

For convenience, the most frequently used bylaws have been consolidated. In a consolidated bylaw, the original bylaw (or "parent" bylaw) is updated to include all of the amendments to that bylaw. Conduct your search in the VIEW CONSOLIDATED BYLAWS section. You can browse alphabetically or by category. You can also search by keyword.

Individual bylaws

Each individual bylaw has a unique number. An individual bylaw may be a "parent" bylaw or it may be an amending bylaw. Conduct your search in the SEARCH INDIVIDUAL BYLAWS section. You can search for an individual bylaw by number, enactment date, or keyword. You can search all bylaws or only those bylaws that are in force.

Park Board by-laws

Find bylaws for within parks in the City of Vancouver.

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