Proposed parks and recreation governance transition

On December 13, 2023, Council adopted a resolution requesting legislative amendments from the Government of BC that would transition the governance of parks and recreation services in Vancouver from a separate, elected Park Board to Council.

Council has also requested Vancouver Charter amendments that would strengthen protections of permanent parks to ensure their protection for generations to come.

The proposed changes would align Vancouver’s parks and recreation governance with all major Canadian cities.

We understand the importance of parks and recreation services and are committed to undertaking the proposed changes with as much transparency as possible.

Review the Parks and Recreation Services: Proposed governance transition - Transition plan summary (628 KB)

Parks and Recreation Transition Working Group

Council has established a Parks and Recreation Transition Working Group to identify options on how Council can structure its governance responsibilities and manage engagement with key community stakeholders and the public about parks and recreation services should the proposed transition proceed.

Supported by City staff, the working group will have up to 6 months to explore these considerations and make recommendations to Council.

The Council-appointed working group includes:

  • The Mayor
  • The Mayor's Chief of Staff
  • 2 Council members (Councillor Rebecca Bligh, Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung)
  • A current Park Board Commissioner (Commissioner Marie-Claire Howard)
  • Up to 6 members of the public (noted below)


  • December 13, 2023

    Council adopted a resolution to formally request that the Province of BC amend or repeal section 485 of the Vancouver Charter to remove the requirement for an elected board of commissioners, referenced in legislation and elsewhere as the “Board of Parks and Recreation” or “Park Board”.

    Council heard from more than 160 speakers.

  • 2024

    We will develop a transition plan, working collaboratively with the province and in consultation with First Nations.

  • We are here

    We have convened a Parks and Recreation Transition working group that will, over the next 6 months, consider different models for Council oversight of parks and recreation services and engage with current parks and recreation stakeholders.

    Council has formally asked the Province to amend the Vancouver Charter to change the governance of the Park Board.

    The Mayor’s Office is engaging with local First Nations Councils.