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2019 Budget and five-year financial plan

Our 2019 Budget outlines how tax dollars and funding will be invested to help ensure that important services can be maintained, while at the same time focuses on priority investments to help meet the future needs of a growing and changing city. Property taxes help fund a large part of the budget.

2019 Budget highlights

The 2019 Budget consists of :

  • Operating expenditures of $1,513 million
  • New multi-year Capital Budget request of $365.8 million
  • Annual capital expenditures of $562.7 million

2019 Budget priorities

We consulted with residents and businesses and heard back about your most important issues and preferences for City spending. That input was used to identify the following priorities:

Key investments

See how we are realigning existing resources and spending levels to valued services and priorities.

Five-year financial plan

The budget report includes a five-year financial plan with longer-term projections and insight.