Heritage Bylaws

This electronic version of Heritage Bylaw 4837 is amended up to September 29, 2015.

 The most recent paper update is amended up to September 29, 2015. Subsequent amendments which may appear in this electronic consolidation will be included in a future update package. The electronic versions of Heritage Procedure Bylaw 11350 and Heritage Property Standards of Maintenance Bylaw 11351 are current to September 29, 2015.

Explanation of amendments since July 22, 2014

The Heritage Bylaw was updated to September 29, 2015, reflecting amendments to include provisions around heritage alteration permits, heritage conservation areas, and protected heritage property.

Heritage Bylaw No. 4837

Heritage designation bylaws enacted since January 31, 2003

Regulatory bylaws for heritage sites - bylaws 11350 and 11351

Two regulatory bylaws have been introduced for heritage sites: Heritage Procedure and Heritage Property Standards of Maintenance bylaws.

Heritage Procedure Bylaw 11350

The Heritage Procedure Bylaw addresses processes for heritage inspections requirements for:

  • Processes for heritage inspections
  • Requirements for conducting impact assessments
  • Withholding of approvals
  • The determination of heritage value or character
  • The issuance of heritage alteration permits

Heritage Procedure Bylaw  (80 KB)

Heritage Property Standards of Maintenance Bylaw 11351

The Heritage Property Standards of Maintenance Bylaw:

  • Regulates how properties within a heritage conservation area are to be maintained
  • Supplements the general maintenance standards that are already in place in the city

Heritage Property Standards of Maintenance Bylaw  (50 KB)

Note This bylaw presently applies only to buildings that are scheduled as protected in the First Shaughnessy Heritage Conservation Area.