McBride Park playground

Playgrounds in Vancouver

Since Vancouver’s first official playground was donated by Grace Ceperley in the 1920s, the Vancouver Park Board has created over 150 outdoor facilities across the city. Some facilities also have indoor playgrounds that are available during the summer season.

Playgrounds range in size and type, but each has a variety of equipment bound to stretch and strengthen the motor skills of every child.

Summer playground programs

In the summer, many community centres offer supervised playground programs at designated parks. Summer playground staff are not responsible for children attending the park program.

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Indoor playgrounds

Kerrisdale Play Palace

This giant, indoor playground runs from late April to late August and is great for families with children under 12.

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Improving parks and recreation

We are continually working to improve parks, trails, and recreation facilities. Explore our ongoing projects.

Benefits of physical activity

Regular physical activity provides young people with important physical, mental and social health benefits, including:

  • Building and maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints
  • Helping to control body weight, reduce fat, and develop heart and lung function
  • Contributing to the development of movement and coordination
  • Setting patterns of physical activity that are likely to be maintained throughout life, thus providing the basis for an active and healthy lifestyle.