False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU)

The False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility uses waste thermal energy captured from sewage to provide space heating and hot water to buildings in Southeast False Creek, parts of Mount Pleasant, False Creek Flats, and Northeast False Creek.

This recycled energy eliminates more than 60% of the greenhouse gas pollution associated with heating buildings. The utility is self-funded, simultaneously providing a return on investment to City taxpayers and affordable rates to customers.

The utility began operations in 2010 and since then has rapidly expanded to serve 534,000 m(5,750,000 ft2) of residential, commercial, and institutional space as of 2019. In February 2018, Council approved the expansion of the utility to Mount Pleasant, Northeast False Creek, and the False Creek Flats areas. Once the expansion area is fully built-out, the NEU expects to serve 2,100,000 m2 (22,600,000 ft2) and anticipates a 14,000 tonne reduction of CO2-equivalent per year.

Utility customers

How utility rates are set and who to contact with questions about your service.

How the utility works

How the utility makes then distributes heat and hot water to its customers.

Developers, designers, builders

Understand the process and requirements for connecting buildings to the False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility.

Utility facts and presentations: in-depth

Learn about the utility's history, building design, fast facts, related documents, and more.

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