Aerial view of Olympic Village

Details for developers, designers, and builders

There are requirements for developing new buildings and rezoning property in Southeast False Creek under the Energy Utility System Bylaw.

New developments

Developers of new buildings in the Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility service area are responsible for applying to the City for energy service and ensuring the building is designed to connect with the utility.

The Building Connection Guidelines  (773 KB) provide detailed information for developers, designers, and builders. In addition, the Energy Utility System By-law 9552 (318 KB) describes the legal requirements for new buildings. 

Development review process

At the rezoning or development permit stage, each building is reviewed to determine if it will connect to the neighbourhood energy utility.

The building review ensures there is sufficient space in a suitable location for the energy transfer station room, and that utility pipe entry points are appropriately located for connection between the utility system and the new building.

Building permit requirements

Before a building permit is issued, the developer must:

  1. Submit an Application for Thermal Energy Service (114 KB).
  2. Complete a peer review of the building's HVAC system with neighbourhood energy utility agents. This process can take 2-3 months and should be initiated as early as possible.