Leaks, flooding, and drainage

Artesian flood risk

Digging in south Vancouver? Get locations, requirements, and updates on aquifer conditions.

Find Artesian wells

The City uses a combination of drainage strategies to reduce the risk of flooding in homes, businesses, properties, and public areas.

Occasionally, a portion of the City's water or sewer system breaks down. You may notice water bubbling up on your lawn or through a crack on the street, or even sewage backing up into your basement toilet.

Tracking the source of the problem

We want to help track down the source of the problem, so it can be fixed quickly.

Sometimes leaks, floods, and sewage problems on your property can be easily traced. You can fix them yourself, or you may want to hire a plumber to do it. If your plumber finds out the problem was caused by the City's water or sewage system, contact 3-1-1 so the City can investigate the problem.

Report flooding

Report non-emergency flooding on streets and sidewalks in the city online with Van311.

How to minimize flooding

Take action, get flood prevention tips to reduce the risk of flooding in your home, and find out why floods occur.

Fix leaks, floods, and sewage problems

Find out how to track down the source of water leaks, flooding, or drainage problems and when to call the City or an independent plumber.

Find your water or sewer connection

How to find your water and sewer service connection before you dig to find a plugged pipe, plant a tree, or build a fence.

Turn your water service on and off

We can turn your water supply on or off for a fee. You can also borrow a water-line shut-off key for up to 48 hours to do it yourself.

Problems with water quality or pressure

Is your water cloudy or brown? Did the water pressure suddenly change? Find out who to call to resolve problems with your water quality and water pressure.