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Communities need people and people need homes.

The lack of affordable housing in Vancouver has put our city at risk. We want people to stay, live, and build a future in our city.

To meet the needs of our growing population and ensure our city remains vibrant and diverse, it’s important that we have an affordable and varied supply of housing.

Housing Vancouver is our 10-year housing strategy to reduce Vancouver's housing affordability gap and to provide a strong foundation for the future of Vancouver.

What's happening$115 million approved to help deliver 3,200 new units over the next 3 years

We are grateful to the federal government for investing nearly $115 million under the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) to support our efforts to increase the housing supply in Vancouver. Funding through programs like HAF is significant in helping local governments plan and build for a growing population.

Shelters and winter response strategy

We're committed to ensuring all residents have a safe place to come inside, particularly during cold and extreme weather.

Finding rental housing

Resources for finding rental housing in Vancouver and identifying rental properties with health or safety issues.

Renter supports and protections

Review supports available to help renters in Vancouver.

Homelessness services

Find details on supportive housing, shelters, financial aid, low-cost meals, and more.

Housing policies

How we're working to protect the existing housing supply while adding non-market or social housing.

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Housing Vancouver strategy

Learn how our 10-year strategy provides a strong foundation for the future in Vancouver.

Planning Vancouver Together: Vancouver (City-wide) Plan

We’ve launched the process to develop the Vancouver (City-wide) Plan that will guide our city to 2050 and beyond.

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