Housing policies

Housing Vancouver is our 10-year housing strategy to reduce Vancouver’s housing affordability gap and to provide a strong foundation for the future of Vancouver.

It guides all policy decisions related to housing.

Learn about Housing Vancouver and the policies it shapes to meet the needs of our growing population with the right housing supply.

Housing Vancouver strategy

Learn how our 10-year strategy provides a strong foundation for the future in Vancouver.

Provincial Housing Needs Report

We're preparing an assessment of housing needs to address the new Provincial Housing Needs Report requirement.

Creating and protecting purpose-built rental housing

About our programs to add and protect market rental housing, including application details, resources, and forms.

Housing options in lower density areas

Shifting towards the right supply of housing to meet the needs of people who live and work in Vancouver.

Housing options for families

The Housing Mix Policy for Rezoning Projects is another step towards increasing the supply of family homes.

Vancouver affordable housing fund

A specialized endowment fund of non-market housing assets on City-owned land dedicated to meeting housing and affordability needs.

Affordable Housing Utilities Development Cost Levy funding program

This new interim funding program initiated by the City helps fund off-site utilities upgrades required by new affordable housing projects.

Co-op lease renewals

More than 50 co-ops across Vancouver are leased on land which is owned by the City, and some of these land leases are about to expire.

Community Housing Incentive Program

This grant program provides contributions towards the construction of a non-profit or co-op housing project.


This program aims to see more affordable housing by reducing processing and approval times.

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