Provincial housing legislation

In 2023, the provincial government took several steps to address housing issues:

  • September: Issued mandatory housing targets and reporting requirements for 10 municipalities, including Vancouver, under the Housing Supply Act.
  • November: Passed legislation (Bill 44, 46, 47) with the objective of getting more homes built faster. 

We support these goals through the Vancouver Plan, focusing on creating diverse and connected neighborhoods.

All existing City policies and regulations remain in place until new policies or regulations are adopted by City Council.

What's happeningWork is underway to meet provincial deadlines

May 2024: We submitted a 6-month Interim Housing Targets and Progress report to the Province, as required under the Housing Supply Act (Bill 43).

June 2024: To allow small-scale multi-unit housing, City Council amended the Zoning and Development By-law in 5 restricted zones:

  • First Shaughnessy District
  • RT-7 District
  • RT-9 District
  • 2 CD-1 zones (371 and 463)

Upcoming transit-oriented area by-law and housing reports

In the upcoming weeks, Council will adopt a transit-oriented by-law. Additionally, a Housing Target Progress report and an Interim Housing Needs report will be submitted to the Province by November 14, 2024, and January 1, 2025, respectively.

These reports are intended to help us and the Province better understand housing needs and track our progress towards the Housing Supply Act’s targets.

Our actions on provincial housing legislation 

What you need to know about small-scale, multi-unit housing (SSMUH)