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Broadway Plan

The Broadway Plan was approved by Council on June 22. The plan will be in effect as of September 1, 2022.

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The Broadway Plan is a comprehensive area plan for the area within Vine Street to Clark Drive and 1st Avenue to 16th Avenue.

The 30-year plan focuses on opportunities to integrate new housing, jobs, and amenities around the new Broadway Subway in parts of Kitsilano, Fairview, and Mount Pleasant.

What's happeningBroadway Plan Public Realm Plan phase 1 engagement

We are exploring what future improvements can be made to create more places to play, relax, socialize, and feel more connected to nature in Kitsilano, Fairview, and Mount Pleasant.

The Broadway Public Realm Plan will identify what public open space and street improvements would best support the area and its future growth. A Streetscape Plan for Broadway will also be created and will guide the transformation of the Broadway Corridor into a Great Street.

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Enhanced Broadway Plan area protections

The Broadway Plan introduced enhanced tenant protections for renters in the Broadway Plan area, in addition to the existing City-wide Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy (TRPP).

For questions about Broadway Plan area tenant protections:

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Broadway Plan One Water Strategy

The Broadway Plan One Water Strategy (12.4 MB) was developed to allow growth in the Broadway Plan area, while reducing risk from existing sewer, drainage, and potable water servicing issues, and building more resilience to climate change.

This document describes the water-related servicing requirements and expectations for individual developments within the Broadway Plan area (including sewers, green rainwater infrastructure, and potable water), and outlines the major One Water projects and initiatives planned for Broadway.

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