The Broadway Plan area is located generally between Clark Dr in the east to Vine St in the west, and 16th Ave to the south and 1st Ave to the north

Broadway Plan

Our goal is to support growth while maximizing the opportunities associated with the new rapid transit connection to the region.

We’re preparing to start work on a new two-year process to create a Broadway area plan. 

The plan will focus on opportunities to integrate new housing, jobs, and amenities with future transit and around the Broadway Subway once funding for that project is secured.

The plan will address the need for:

  • Increased job space
  • Deepening housing affordability
  • New or improved connections
  • Improved parks and public spaces
  • Additional public amenities

What's happening

On June 20, 2018, City Council approved the following: 

Read the report  (3 MB)

Coming up, we'll set up a staff team, start on background research, and prepare for the two-year planning process.

In early 2019, we'll launch the planning process and look for people to share their thoughts through a broad and inclusive range of opportunities. The plan will be informed by input from community members, local businesses, and stakeholders. We'll seek to reflect the needs and aspirations of our citizens in the plan.

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Project timeline

Here is our process and anticipated milestones.

  • June 2018

    City Council approves Terms of Reference for Broadway Planning Program

  • June -
    late 2018

    Form planning team, do background research, create an engagement strategy, and prepare the planning program

  • Early 2019

    Launch the planning program and create guiding principles

    • Public engagement opportunities
  • Mid-2019

    Create the plan's emerging directions: form growth scenarios and patterns for change

    • Public engagement opportunities
  • Early 2020

    Refine the plan directions: form a preferred scenario and create a draft Broadway Plan

    • Public engagement opportunities
  • Mid-2020

    Finish the refined plan

  • Late 2020

    Present the plan to City Council to consider

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