Heather Lands

Heather Street Land planning project

This comprehensive planning program will help us create a policy statement to guide the future development of the Heather Lands (previously referred to as the RCMP Fairmont Lands).

The program is being developed at the request of the Heather Lands owners, Canada Lands Company, and the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations Partnership.

About the Heather Lands

The Heather Lands are 8.5-hectares (21-acres) in size located between 33rd Avenue and 37th Avenue at Heather Street. The planning process will include many opportunities for residents, community members, and stakeholders to offer feedback and ideas.

Our Policy Statement will establish principles and objectives relating to a range of topics, including:

  • Land use
  • Density
  • Height
  • Public benefits
  • Transportation
  • Built form and character
  • Heritage
  • Sustainability
  • Development phasing

The Policy Statement will be presented for Council’s consideration at the end of the process and, if adopted, used to inform any future rezoning of the Lands.

Council adopts policy statement

May 15, 2018 - Council approved the Heather Lands Policy Statement on May 15, 2018. Thank you to everyone who provided input throughout the planning process. The Policy Statement will guide any future rezoning of the site. Feedback from the consultation will be used to help inform the rezoning process.

Typical steps to create a policy statement

Major projects process (12 months)

  1. Hold the first open house to launch the planning process.
  2. Conduct initial outreach meetings with residents and the community.
  3. Work with residents and the community to establish draft planning principles.
  4. Develop concept plans based on planning principles.
  5. Hold the second open house for the community to review and give feedback on planning principles and concepts.
  6. Refine the principles and concepts based on the community's feedback.
  7. Hold a town hall meeting with the community and City councillors.
  8. Draft area policies.
  9. Hold the third open house for the community to review and give feedback on the concept plan and draft principles.
  10. Refine concept and planning principles.
  11. Present policies to Council for approval.
  12. If supported, progress to rezoning process.

Rezoning process (12-18 months)

  1. Submit a rezoning enquiry (property owner)
  2. Submit a rezoning application (property owner)
  3. Hold a public information meeting
  4. Evaluate and make recommendations on application (City staff)
  5. Approve, conditionally approve, or refuse the application (City staff)

Program consultation summary

The following document summarizes what we heard at all of our public engagement events during the planning program.

Consultation summary  (8 MB)

Phase 3 open houses (March 2018)

We held an open house on March 10 and 12 and conducted an online survey from March 10 to April 9 for you to review the preferred concept plan and emerging policies. After, we drafted the policy statement to set principles and objectives for land use, site character, sustainability, heritage, transportation, density and building heights, and public benefits.

Fairmont dialogue session (December 2017)

On December 15, 2017, we hosted a dialogue session with invited participants to discuss the future of the Fairmont Academy building as part of the Heather Lands planning program.

22 participants were in attendance, including: First Nations representatives, members of the Riley Park South Cambie (RPSC) Vision Implementation Committee, Vancouver Heritage advocates, RCMP veteran's association members, MST Development Corporation and Canada Lands Company representatives, and City of Vancouver staff.

The dialogue session was an opportunity to bring together diverse community perspectives to discuss the future of the Fairmont building. The goal of the event was to discuss different perspectives regarding the proposal to replace the Fairmont building with a new cultural centre that celebrates First Nations culture.

Heather Lands Fairmont dialogue summary  (7.65 MB)

Phase 2 open houses (October 2017)

October 28 and November 2, 2017, we hosted two open houses as part of the Heather Lands planning program.

The information shared at the open houses provided an overview of the planning work completed to date, draft guiding principles, three conceptual site plans, and next steps for the policy planning program.

City staff and representatives from Canada Lands Company and MST were present to answer questions.

Your feedback was used to select a preferred concept for refinement in the next phase.

Youth engagement event (January 2017)

On January 30, 2017 a youth engagement workshop was hosted by the City of Vancouver, the Musqueam Indian Band, Squamish Nation, Tsleil-Waututh Nation (the MST partners), and Canada Lands Company.

The event included an aritst session facilitated by the Co-Design Group. The intent of this workshop was to lead youth participants to illustrate their ideas for the activities of life of the developed Heather Lands.

Youth engagement summary (2 MB)

Phase 1 open houses (October 2016)

We asked you to share your vision and help shape the future of the site in a short online survey, available from October 18 to 31. Your input will help inform the policy statement which will guide the development. Thank you to everyone who participated! We're now analyzing the feedback we received and preparing a summary.

We offered a walking tour of the Heather Street Lands on October 13 for you to explore the site and shape your personal vision for the area. We invited you to open houses on October 15 and 17 to share your ideas (the October 15 open house was followed by a visioning workshop).

July 2016

City Council approved a planning program for the Heather Street Lands designed to engage the community and develop a policy statement to guide potential redevelopment of the site.

Fairmont Lands Policy Planning Program (4 MB)

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