Aerial view of Yaletown and False Creek looking west towards Kitsilano, West Point Grey, and UBC

Rezoning applications and procedures

Rezoning changes how a property can be used or developed.

Property owners and the City of Vancouver can apply to rezone sites. We consider rezoning applications that support an area's land use and development objectives. City Council decides on all rezoning applications.

Zoning overview, maps, districts, and regulations

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Rezoning process and how to get involved

Rezoning involves an application, staff review, public input, and a City Council decision. Give feedback in person and online.

Apply for rezoning

Follow the steps get our advice and guidance, save time and money, and get more support for your rezoning application.

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Map of Vancouver's three planning divisions, Downtown, Midtown, and South. The Downtown perimeter is the edge of Stanley Park, Burrard Inlet, Clark Drive, Great Northern Way, and False Creek. The Midtown perimeter is Blanca Street, English Bay, False Creek, Great Northern Way, Clark Drive, Burrard Inlet, Boundary Road, 41st Avenue, Fraser Street, and 16th Avenue. The South perimeter is Blanca Street, 16th Avenue, Fraser Street, 41st Avenue, Boundary Road, and the Fraser River.

Rezoning process and how to get involvedApply for rezoning95 W Hastings Street rezoning application survey58 W Hastings Street rezoning application survey