Development process redesign: a clearer way forward

Development process redesign is a comprehensive analysis of our development process functions involving multiple City departments. The initial focus of this work is on the rezoning and development permit processes.

Our objectives

  • Enhance clarity and predictability throughout the development process
    • Instill confidence in the system
    • Improve the customer experience
  • Strengthen linkages between our priorities and the role of the development process

This project is one of several initiatives driven by short-term priorities 2C defined under our Corporate Plan’s strategic goal #2 “We’re working to build and protect the Vancouver economy”. 

Recent updates

Policy enquiry

The Standing Committee of Council on Policy and Strategic Priorities approved staff’s recommendations on a proposed new policy enquiry process  (467 KB) on July 8, 2021. A new process has been designed for consideration of development proposals that do not comply with Council-adopted policy or by-laws for rezoning, but that meet or exceed Council priorities and goals. Learn about the policy enquiry process

Development Process Redesign External Group (DPREG) 

The Development Process Redesign External Group (DPREG) was formed in October 2020 to act as a panel of expert advisors with interests in clarifying and simplifying our rezoning and development process. DPREG was comprised of a cross-section of 25 participants from the development and construction industry, including both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. 

From October 2020 to April 2021, City staff and the DPREG members collaborated in five meetings and three workshops to explore our rezoning process, provide feedback and guidance on the current process, and propose alternatives and strategies for process improvements. See the summary report from this consultation in the October 12 memo to Mayor and Council below.


Here is our process and anticipated milestones.

In each phase, we will consult with development and building industry professionals, the broader public and staff.

  • Winter 2019 -
    spring 2020

    Phase 1: Clarify

    What we did:

    • Analyzed issues from previous project work
    • Created process maps
    • Gathered information from project review groups
  • Spring -
    winter 2020

    Phase 2: Explore options

    What we did:

    • Implemented virtual engagement opportunities
    • Initiated rezoning process redesign
    • Initiated DPREG engagement meetings and workshops
  • Winter 2020 -
    summer 2021

    What we did:

    • Summarized recommendations from DPREG
    • Proposed a new policy enquiry process
    • Guided continual process improvements for rezoning
  • We are here
  • Fall –
    winter 2021

    What we will do:

    • Launch policy enquiry process
  • 2022

    What we will do:

    • Conduct development permit process review

    Phase 3: Communicate & innovate