Development process redesign: a clearer way forward

Development process redesign is a comprehensive analysis of our development process functions involving multiple City departments. The initial focus of this work is on the rezoning and development permit processes.

Our objectives

  • Enhance clarity and predictability throughout the development process
    • Instill confidence in the system
    • Improve the customer experience
  • Strengthen linkages between our priorities and the role of the development process

This project is one of several initiatives driven by short-term priorities 2C defined under our Corporate Plan’s strategic goal #2 “We’re working to build and protect the Vancouver economy”. 

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Recent updates

Rezoning enquiry redesign

We are conducting a rezoning enquiry redesign to:

  • Identify when an enquiry might be an appropriate step in preparation for a rezoning application
  • Clarify expectations and timelines
  • Identify areas for improvements in the enquiry process

Review staff presentation to Council - May 27, 2020 (2.75 MB)

Council agenda and minutes -  May 27, 2020

Rezoning enquiry survey

We conducted a survey to inform how we can improve the rezoning enquiry process.

The survey closed August 23, 2020.

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Here is our process and anticipated milestones.

In each phase, we will consult with development and building industry professionals, the broader public and staff.

  • Winter 2019 -
    spring 2020

    Phase 1: Clarify

    What we will do:

    • Analyze issues from previous project work
    • Create process maps
    • Gather information from project review groups
  • April -
    winter 2020

    Phase 2: Explore options

    What we will do:

    • Implement virtual engagement opportunities
    • Initiate rezoning process redesign

    Public engagement opportunities

  • We are here
  • Winter 2020 –
    summer 2021

    What we will do:

    • Provide Council update
    • Conduct development permit process review

    Public engagement opportunities

  • Summer 2021

    Phase 3: Communicate & innovate