Subdividing, strata, addressing, and street changes

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Subdivision generally refers to the division of land into two or more parcels.

However, it can also include:

  • Consolidation of two or more parcels into a single site.
  • Adjustment of an existing property line.
  • Dedication of land for road or lane purposes.
  • Volumetric subdivisions to create air space parcels.

Strata or condominium ownership

Strata title property is a form of ownership in which a property owner owns their individual unit, plus a share of the common areas of the site, or common property.

Residential, commercial, industrial, and other types of buildings may be subdivided by way of a strata plan.

Address changes

The consistent numbering of buildings and suites in Vancouver, together with their street names, helps Emergency response, mail delivery, and the general public find the specific building they're looking for in the city. 

Street naming

As a result of site subdivision or development, new streets (public and private) may be created, and existing streets may be extended or closed. Recommended street names for public streets are forwarded for approval to City Council by the Civic Asset Naming Committee.

Subdividing, strata, and addressing changes

Apply to subdivide properties

To subdivide or join properties in Vancouver, view the regulations, see the fees, find contact information, and more.

Create or amend a strata property

You can convert a previously-occupied building into strata title. Find out more about the application process and fees.

Find a strata plan

Find out how you can get a copy of your strata plan through the provincial Land Title & Survey Authority.

Change your property, building, or suite address

Find out how to change the building number of your street address.

Recent and archive streets

View location maps for recent and archived information on new streets starting from 2012.

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