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Find out if subdividing your property is possible by contacting our Subdivision staff at

You will need the property address and legal description so that staff can identify the property and provide specific subdivision information.

This information is provided unofficially, since a full staff review is necessary before the Approving Officer can confirm the feasibility of subdividing your property.

Requests for official information must be made in writing by submitting either a preliminary proposal or a formal subdivision application to the Approving Office, both of which require a non-refundable processing fee.

Types of subdivision applications

The subdivision approval process

Subdivision Bylaw 5208

Subdivision Bylaw 5208

Schedule A: Standards for Minimum Parcel Size and Configuration

Schedule B: Standards for Street Configurations

Schedule C: Standards for Clearing, Grading, Draining, and Surfacing Streets

Schedule D: Standards for Water Distribution Systems

Schedule E: Standards for Sanitary Sewage and Storm-Water Collection Systems or Combined Sewer Collection Systems

Schedule F: Fees

Appendix A: List of Amending By-laws to the Subdivision Bylaw

BC Land Title and Survey Authority

Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia

The LTSA is a statutory corporation formed in 2005 responsible for administering the land title and survey systems of BC. These systems provide the foundation for all real property business and ownership in the province.

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