Change your property, building, or suite address

Consistent addressing and numbering of buildings and suites within Vancouver helps emergency response personnel, delivery drivers, and the general public locate buildings.


Changing your property, building, or suite address

Requests for changing a building address or a suite number can only be made by the registered owner.

If you have just purchased the property but have not yet taken possession, attach a copy of your sales agreement showing the possession date.

Changing your mailing address

To change the mailing address associated with your property, notify BC Assessment of your changes using their secure online form.

To change the mailing address for your business licence, fill in a Business Licence Change of Information form. Find the form, and additional information about updating your business licence, at the following page:


$984 (including tax)

There is no fee for addressing an existing suite.

How to pay

  • In person: cash, cheque, credit card, or debit
  • By mail: cheque made payable to the City of Vancouver

Contact the Addressing Coordinator