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Regulation redesign: simplifying rules for city building

Updated and simplified land use regulations and policies will result in more streamlined review processes.

We have started a comprehensive review of our regulations, policies, and processes for planning, development, and building.

The aim of the review is to:

  • Simplify, clarify, and update regulations
  • Improve the consistency of regulations and policies
  • Streamline permit review processes
  • Ensure land use regulations align with our emerging policies and priorities
  • Improve communication and information sharing

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What's happening

Regulatory updates

On July 17, 2018 Council approved several regulatory improvements at Public Hearing.

The amendments include updates to the RS zones, clarifying decision-making authority throughout the bylaw, providing more flexibility for artist studio live and work spaces, simplifing review processes, and repealing outdated policies.

Next steps

Ongoing regulatory updates to streamline review processes, simplify and consolidate regulations, bylaws, and policies to make it user friendly will be reported to Council throughout the review.


Here is our process and anticipated milestones

  • Summer

    Broad review of regulatory framework and authority

  • We are here
  • Fall 2018/
    winter 2019

    Regulation redesign project launch

    Phase 1: Listening sessions

    • What we will do: Seek feedback to identify issues and opportunities from the current development and building regulatory framework.
    • Who we'll consult with: Development and building industry professionals, builders, and the broader public.
  • Winter/
    spring 2019

    Phase 2: Develop options and directions

    • What we will do: Prioritize issues based on findings in Phase 1. Share this with stakeholders for additional feedback.
    • Who we'll consult with: Development and building industry professionals, builders, and the broader public.
  • Spring 2019

    Report back to Council

  • Summer/
    fall 2019

    Phase 3: Draft and initiate implementation strategy

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