View of river at East Fraser Lands

East Fraser Lands (River District)

We're developing a new sustainable, complete community at East Fraser Lands (EFL). The plan calls for a mainly residential community with a variety of housing types and a commercial centre.

While the site was previously home to the Canadian White Pine, Wesgroup Properties (formerly Parklane Homes) now owns the majority of the land.


A complete community

Over 25 years the community will include:

  • Parks
  • A community centre
  • Schools
  • Childcare facilities
  • A riverfront walk
  • Other public amenities

What's happening

On June 14, 2017, City Council voted to endorse a planning program to review and update the EFL ODP to reflect:

  • New Council policy and standards
  • Changing environmental conditions due to climate change
  • Delivery of public benefits
  • Options to increase housing diversity in Area 3

Broader changes to the EFL ODP and corresponding CD-1 Bylaw amendments will be presented for Council’s consideration at the end of the ODP review process. 

If approved, they will be used to inform ongoing implementation of EFL and future rezoning of Area 3.

EFL amendments for community centre site and affordable housing

Changes to the EFL ODP and CD-1 bylaws are being recommended to Council before the end of the ODP review process, to allow for:

  • Redistribution of existing floor area to achieve a larger, standalone site for the community centre
  • An increase in the maximum floor area to add 5,129 square metres of affordable housing in Area 1 and 2
  • Remove EFL-specific parking maximums to align with citywide regulations
  • Extend the time limit and clarify extensions for interim uses in EFL
  • Add details on the EFL-specific flood construction level to the EFL ODP

On July 24, 2018, Council referred these amendments to Public Hearing.

If approved, these amendments support continued development of a complete community in EFL, allowing for the opportunity to achieve a new, standalone site for the EFL community centre, and supporting the development of affordable housing on City-owned sites.

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Area map

There are 126 acres of industrial land south of Marine Way and east of Kerr Street to Boundary Road.

Development progress

Area 1, Area 2, and Kerr Street were rezoned in 2008 and 2010 respectively. Since then a number of development parcels have been completed or are under construction. The map below highlights development progress to date. View the map in full size (604 KB)

Find information on current development applications and Development Permit Board reports.

Additional information

Past updates

View updates on the development of East Fraser Lands (River District) from 2004 until now.

Documents and policies

View the policies, guidelines, and Council minutes that have shaped East Fraser Lands (River District).

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Here is our process and anticipated milestones for the EFL ODP 10-year review planning program.

  • 2016-2017

    Scoping phase

  • June 2017

    Report to Council

  • Summer 2017

    Phase 1: Establish planning program

  • Fall 2017

    Phase 2: Develop options to address challenges

  • Winter 2017/2018

    Phase 3: Refine concepts for EFL

  • Early Spring 2018

    Phase 3: Confirm preferred concept + proposed ODP amendments

  • Spring 2018

    Finalize interim ODP amendments and amendments to CD-1 Bylaws and Design Guidelines for a new, larger community centre site + affordable housing

  • We are here
  • Summer/Fall 2018

    Council consideration of amendments: referral and Public Hearing

  • Winter 2018

    Finalize broader ODP amendments

  • Spring 2019

    Council consideration of amendments: referral + public hearing