Langara Gardens policy planning program

Aerial view of Langara Gardens

Langara Gardens is an 8.4-hectare (20.8-acre) site located west of Cambie Street between 57th Avenue and the lane south of 54th Avenue.

A comprehensive planning program was initiated to guide the future development of Langara Gardens. Planning for the site will ensure that existing rental units are protected or replaced, and potential new residential, retail, and community amenity uses are explored.

The planning program is being developed at the request of the Langara Gardens owners, Peterson and Concert Properties. The process to date has included many opportunities for residents, community members, and stakeholders to offer feedback and ideas.

The planning process will result in a document called a Policy Statement which establishes principles and objectives relating to:

  • Langara Gardens residents
  • Land use and density
  • Urban design legacy and built form
  • Park, open space and public places
  • Circulation and transportation
  • Sustainability and green infrastructure
  • Community amenities

The Policy Statement will be presented to Council at the end of the process and, if adopted, will guide any future rezoning of the site. While broad directions are confirmed in the Policy Statement, refinement of the proposal will occur in the rezoning stage.

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Recent developments with this program

Council adopts policy statement

March 13, 2018 - Council approved the Langara Gardens Policy Statement on February 13, 2018. Thank you to everyone who provided input throughout the planning process. The Policy Statement will guide any future rezoning of the site. Feedback from the consultation will be used to help inform the rezoning process.

Open houses: See the policy highlights

February 22, 2018 - Join us to see the policy highlights, learn more about the project, and speak with the team about next steps in the planning process.

View the open house materials:

RSVP for a town hall meeting on June 27 about the proposed redevelopment

June 27, 2016 – Thank you for your interest in the Town Hall Meeting. The event is now full.

June 21, 2016 – Hear a stakeholder panel of community members, City staff, and the project development team discuss the proposed redevelopment. Council members will be present to hear your input.

Questionnaire: what do you think of the preferred concept plan and emerging policies?

June 16, 2016 - Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on the preferred concept and emerging policies for Langara Gardens. We are currently analyzing the feedback we've received.

Open houses: concept plan and emerging policies

June 2016 - Join us at our final round of public consultation to view the preferred concept plan and emerging policies. Drop by anytime to learn more and provide feedback to our staff and the project team. Get the details:

Questionnaire: what do you think of the preliminary directions for Langara Gardens?

January 15, 2016 – Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on the early directions for Langara Gardens. Read our consultation summary to find out what we heard.

November 26, 2015 – We want to know your thoughts on the draft guiding principles and three conceptual site plans for Langara Gardens.

Take our online questionnaire until January 7, 2016. Your responses will help shape the future of the site.

To learn about the principles and site plans, view the open house materials:

Phase 2 open houses: November 26 and December 1

November 20, 2015 – Drop by an open house to see how the community's ideas and feedback from the April 2015 open houses influenced early land use concepts for Langara Gardens. Speak with City staff and the project team, and have your say. Get the details:

Phase 1 consultation summary from the open houses

July 13, 2015 - In April we hosted two open houses to launch the Langara Gardens planning program. Read the consultation summary from the first set of open houses to learn what the community said.

Tell us what you think

April 20, 2015 – What do you think about the future redevelopment of Langara Gardens? We're at the start of a one-year planning process and your input is important to help shape the future of this site. The questionnaire is available until May 19.

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey. We're now analyzing the feedback received.

You're invited to our first open houses on April 19 and 21

March 20, 2015 – Attend one or both of the open houses to speak with us about the program and share your views. Get the details:

Council approves planning program

June 2013 – Council approved a planning program funded by the owners of Langara Gardens to engage the community and develop a policy statement to guide potential redevelopment of the site.

Typical steps to create a policy statement

Major projects process (12 months)

  1. Hold the first open house to launch the planning process.
  2. Conduct initial outreach meetings with residents and the community.
  3. Work with residents and the community to establish draft planning principles.
  4. Develop concept plans based on planning principles.
  5. Hold the second open house for the community to review and give feedback on planning principles and concepts.
  6. Refine the principles and concepts based on the community's feedback.
  7. Hold a town hall meeting with the community and City councillors.
  8. Draft area policies.
  9. Hold the third open house for the community to review and give feedback on the concept plan and draft principles.
  10. Refine concept and planning principles.
  11. Present policies to Council for approval.
  12. If supported, progress to rezoning process.

Rezoning process (12-18 months)

  1. Submit a rezoning enquiry (property owner)
  2. Submit a rezoning application (property owner)
  3. Hold a public information meeting
  4. Evaluate and make recommendations on application (City staff)
  5. Approve, conditionally approve, or refuse the application (City staff)

Site history

Langara Gardens was initially rezoned in 1968 to address the need for rental housing in the City of Vancouver. In 1987, a fourth tower was added along with some additional retail space. There are currently 605 units of market-rental housing. 335 of the units are located in four high-rise towers and the remaining units are garden apartments and townhouses.

Photo of Langara Gardens in the early 1970s

Historical aerial shot of Langara Gardens

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